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Arsan Kaucuk

Arsan Kaucuk has been manufacturing technical rubber products for various applications since 1957, and is one of major players, thanks to its brilliant references. Arsan Kaucuk exports high quality and cost competitive products to EU, Middle East, Asia, Africa and USA with efficient logistic solutions.

Focus: Rubber extrusion, compression moulding and injection moulding for various industries

  • Designing and manufacturing elastomeric bearings for bridges complying with EN1337, DIN4141, BS5400, AASHTO standards.
  • Designing and manufacturing expansion joins & dilatation profiles for construction industry solutions with various rubber types including neoprene.
  • Tunnel segment gaskets
  • Pipe seals for various pipe systems.


BERD researches, develops and applies state-of-the-art solutions to bridge construction methods. Founded in 2006, BERD explores the potential of OPS (Organic Prestressing System) and has a professional multi-disciplinary research & development team.BERD’s Movable Scaffolding Systems (cast in situ) and Launching Gantries (for precast segments) with OPS are used in the construction of concrete bridges with deck lengths varying from 20 to 120 meters.Due to its accumulated experience BERD offers the possibility of building bridges with enhanced construction quality, significant cost savings and fast construction cycles. 


Besmak locates in Kazan- Ankara and has 6300 mclosed area for manufacturing tailor-made material testing machines. We creates both static and dynamic test solutions, applications for all kind of materials with high accuracy and reliability.

One of the most important brand new machine is manufactured by Besmak; Servo Hydraulic Elastomeric Bearing Test Machine which was produced for METU. This is a unique test machine manufactured in Turkey. It can apply upto 4000kN constant vertical load to the elastomeric bearings and it has upto 1200kN horizontal dynamic load capacity.

Also to test the elastomeric bearing on the application Besmak manufactured bridge shaking actuators which can simulate the real earthquakes was lived in the past.


DUYGU Engineering and Construction Company began its commercial activities in Kayseri in 1994. Engaged in airport, highway, railway, irrigation channel, pond works for infrastructure and building contracting business in superstructure, the company has been investing in residential construction in the private sector. Having so far put signature to the construction projects for so many military facilities, the company successfully and proudly served to the Turkish Armed Forces. Being engaged in the dwelling production by producing cooperative housing society, the company proceeded to develop deluxe residential, business and shopping centre projects especially in metropolis.
DUYGU Engineering and Construction Company
 strictly complies with the current laws and regulations for all its activities, is well aware of its responsibilities towards the state and the society, endeavours to render services with a sense of responsibility while creating employment opportunities.
Based on its experiences and knowledge, DUYGU Engineering and Construction Company carries on with further investments and commitments, works devotedly with no concessions on quality and makes great efforts to contribute to the nation in its field with its professional team, equipment and personnel.

emay logo v1-01-01

EMAY International Engineering and Consultancy Inc., established in 1980, is one of the leading engineering and technical consultancy companies in Turkey.
EMAY continues its
Architecture / Engineering Services (Architecture, Urban Planning, Civil, Geomatics, Environmental, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Independent Checking Engineer)
Project Planning and Preparation Services (Feasibility Studies, Environmental Studies, Transport and Traffic Planning and Design, Architectural and Engineering Design, Technical Specifications, PPP Consulting)
Project Implementation Services (Project Management, Construction and Site Supervision and Management)
Transport (Roads, Rail Systems, Urban Public Transport Systems, Bridges and Viaducts, Tunnels,Ports and Marine Structures),
Buildings (Residential, Sport, Education, Healthcare, Transport)
Water & Environment (Water, Wastewater, Waste, Urban Development)
fields of activity by developing respectful, reliable and ethical relations with its employers, partners and employees.

endem 2


Founded in 1959, Endem İnşaat is the signatory of many projects requiring specialized technical knowledge and expertise such as chimneys, silos, factories, control towers, TV towers, water towers and viaducts. Having an expert knowledge especially in slipform technology, Endem İnşaat, has also executed and continue to execute special projects like stadium, cement plants, power plants and third Bosphorus Bridge.
Endem İnşaat also provides services on all kinds of steel construction and facade cladding works through its sister companies who prioritise the quality in their work.


Wuhan Hirun Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Hirun Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. (HIRUN) is the wholly owned subsidiary of Wuhan Marine Machinery Plant Co., Ltd. (WMMP), which is the subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), one of world’s top 500 enterprises, and it is a professional manufacturing enterprise of research, development, production and sales in bridge and anti- seismic products. the company takes the opportunity of the great development of bridge, infrastructure construction and urbanization construction, and always takes “Pioneer in the field of bridge and anti-seismic products” as the strategic goal, introduces internationally advanced design concepts and professional technical team, relies on deep development background of more than 50 years’ sustainable development of the parent company WMMP to build the core of technology research and development, core manufacture and final assemb ly and testing, and to become a domestically first-class and internationally famous modern enterprise in the field of bridge and anti-seismic products.


      Our company is established either for providing all kind of project and design development needs of public and private sector, or provision of engineering management and consultanc services for commercial and industrial investments.
INPRO has a wide range of engineering design and management experiences for;

  • Transportation (Roads, Railways, Bridges, Viaducts, Harbors, Breakwaters, Docks)
  • Infrastructure (Water, sewerage, storm water)
  • Energy (Power Plants, Transmission Lines, Substations)
  • Industrial (Factories, Workshops, Warehouses, R&D centers)

     Projects across Turkey and front Asia wiht a proven selected cadre of engineers, architects and experts.

    Besides our company provides services for Information and Computer Technology needs on demand. With our ICT unit, software development and implementation support consultancy services are provided. Inpro has a flexible range of network partner hub for certain solution provisions while ICT sectoral development is followed day-to-day basis.
Inpro embroidered a functional organizational structure for flexible response to demands while guiding junior professionals for future expert needs.


Mageba  is one of the world’s leading suppliers of structural bearings, expansion joints and other high quality products and services for the transport infrastructure and building construction sectors. Mageba has also significantly expanded its range of products and services relating to earthquake protection and structural monitoring.

The company was established in 1963 and today has approximately 450 employees worldwide, of which more than 90 are engineers. Some 120 people work at the head office in Switzerland.

Mageba Turkey is established by the end of year 2011. Based on a 2000 m2 factory, Mageba Turkey realizes the manufacturing  and sales ofsteel bearings; pot bearings andspherical bearings as well as pendulum isolators.

MAPA logo.pdf


MAPA İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş. was established in 1978 and is specialized on infrastructure – superstructure works.The company’s volume of business has reached up to USD 8 Billion by the year 2014, and the company has completed the USD 5.2 Billion portion of its commitment to the employers on time and at the desired level of quality. The turnover for the year 2013 is USD 771 million.Main Activities of the Company are as follows:
Highways, Bridges, Tunnels, Airports, Airport Maintenance Hangars, Drinking Water Pipelines, Treatment Facilities, Hotels, Industrial Facilities, Dams, HEPP, Energy Transmission Lines With the knowledge and experience it has gained till today, the Company continues activities in Albania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia and UAE.
The Company has ISO 9001, TS OHSAS 18001, TS EN ISO 14001 certificates.


MEGA Engineering Consulting Co. is an independent private engineering and consulting firm founded in 1993, in Ankara, working in the fields of highway, railway systems, high-speed railway lines, tunnels, traffic and transportation survey works and interchanges and airport projects. The main approach of the company is multidisciplinary ability to meet engineering services and to build the quality assurance system which covers personnel, equipment, software, engineering education and especially quality control. In 2011, the company concentrated on Northern Iraq Regional Governance and opened a branch office in Erbil.

temelsu logo

TEMELSU International Engineering Services Inc. is a well known Turkish consulting engineering company which provides multidisciplinary engineering services since its foundation in 1969.TEMELSU’s fields of specialization cover roads, bridges, and tunnels; irrigation and drainage; water and waste water; dams; hydroelectric power plants; pumping stations;industrial structures; geotechnics, electro-mechanics and environmental assessment. Total number of TEMELSU employees are about 350, over 200 of which are professionals and the remaining being technicians and administrative staff.TEMELSU has been involved in many projects in diverse fields in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen,Libya, Pakistan and India.


YÜKSEL PROJE was founded in 1978 and since then, with it has become the largest, fully independent engineering and consulting company in Turkey with progressive accumulation of knowledge, human resources and business capacity,Yüksel Proje having completed numerous large-size projects in many fields of engineering, both at home and abroad, has attained a well-deserved respect in its sector. With its employees over 1000, YÜKSEL PROJE provides services in the following specialities: feasibility study, planning, survey, design, construction supervision, quality control, project management, commissioning and operational training. The main objectives of Yüksel Proje are to improve its Service Quality continuously, maximize the customer satisfaction and sustain its leading position in the Turkish Consultancy sector, and to become a globally active consultant.


WireCo Structures

WireCo Structures designs, develops, and manufactures real-world, hard-working solutions for bridges and structures. Fabricated to meet demanding requirements, wire rope support and suspender cables have been proven to stand the test of time even the world’s toughest applications.  WireCo Structures is a WireCo WorldGroup® brand.  WireCo WorldGroup is recognized throughout the world and used in a wide range of market applications including mining, construction, oil and gas exploration and specialty lifting and suspension applications. WireCo WorldGroup is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, with manufacturing plants and distribution facilities in the United States, Mexico, Germany, Portugal, Poland, The Netherlands and China.

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