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Precast Segmental System for Erection of Bridge or Viaduct

by Wowjoint Holdings Ltd.

Precast segmental system for erection of viaduct is a construction process where girder body, divided into several segments, is precast in factory and transported to the site for assembly, and then prestressed into a bridge beam.

Generally, the precast segmental system for erection methods is classified span by span segmental method and balance cantilever method. We are very honored to have the opportunity to introduce erection of precast segment bridge or viaduct on assembly process, advantages, equipment, control and key points for everyone.

Especially we take the erection of Tuen Mun – Chek Lap Kok Link, Hong Kong (2014), which is a long viaduct with n. 4 extremely complicated ramps, as example to introduce span by span and cantilever jointed method.

The erection of said ramps put to extreme the capacities of the Launching gantries as designed until now.

Minimum requirements are:

·         Self launching up to 80m

·         Minimum horizontal radius 200m on 80m span

·         Change of slope on one span approx. 2%

·         Slope 8%

·         Crossfall 10%

·         Span hung 1000 Ton over 67m span

The requirements put the design of the equipment to the extreme, forcing us to find new advanced solutions on every single item of the equipment to overcome:

·         Weight limitation

·         Safety measures against slipping of the equipment and falling of the segments while hung to truss

·         Transit over tight radii with high slope

·         Recovering of deflection and change in slope

To solve these problems we have adopted new solutions never before thought on these kinds of equipments.

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