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Accelerated Bridge Construction

Atorod Azizinamini
Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
at Florida International University’s College of Engineering and Computing


Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) in U.S. and abroad defines new way of delivering bridges to owner. The interruption to traffic, because of construction activities at the bridge site, cost society in many different ways. Traffic delays, wasting energy and adverse health consequences, because of construction activities at the job site, are just few examples. Recently, U.S. Department of Transportation funded and provided a University Transportation Center to Florida International University to push the frontier of technologies in the ABC area ( and provide U.S. bridge industry with latest knowledge and technologies in the ABC area. This presentation will provide State of the Knowledge and practice in the ABC area. Summary of major activities in U.S. in the area of ABC and design of bridges for service life will be presented. Presentation will examine various alternatives, best practices and examples that could significantly reduce the construction activities on the job site and deliver longer lasting bridges with minimum interruption to traffic.


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