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Poster Presentations

  • Design of an Unconventional Bridge Using Conventional Methods: State of the Art Cast in Place Departures Terminal Bridge of Cairo International Airport
  • Determining a Method of Dynamic analysis  for the Viaducts With Geometric Irregularity and Investigation of the Seismic Performance of Nurtepe Viaduct
  • An Ultrasound Monitoring System for Concrete Structures
  • Alternate Design of Highway Bridge According To Eurocodes, With Innovations in Aesthetics, Economy, Construction, Durability, Serviceability and Seismic Safety
  • High Load Multirotational Disk Bearings for Civil Engineering Structures
  • Flexural Strength Assessment of Corroded Reinforced Concrete (Crc) Beams
  • Study On Safety Limitations of Large New-Built Seagoing Vessels’ Being Towed Through Bridge Waterways
  • The Effect of Localized Low Concrete Strength On Flexural Strength of Rc Beams
  • Integrating Non-Destructive Evaluation Technologies in a Bridge Management System
  • A Study On the Durability of Uhpc Rib-Type Deck Through Wheel Load Test
  • Integrators for Nonlinear Response History analysis: Revisited
  • Experimental Study On Innovative Slip Form Method for the Construction of Tapered Concrete Pylon of Long-Span Cable Bridge
  • A Framework for the Evaluation and Assessment of Proto-Modern Bridges
  • New Bridges for Sustainable Development of the Adriatic Coast in Croatia
  • analysis of Cracking Behaviour for Reinforced Concrete Curved Box Girder Bridges
  • Exploring Performances and Their Interdependencies in Bridge Construction: A Case Study

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