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Xin Ruan, China

AUGUST 12, 2014 – 13:50-14:30 HALL 1

Risk Assessment and Management for Bridges: From Theory to Real Practices

Risk is widely studied as a structural performance indicator in last three decades. It helps decision-makers to take conscious, consistent and rational decisions for complex engineering problems. The risk assessment and management process includes the joint consideration of all uncertainties prevailing the problem and all possible consequences. Now, most of risk related researches are in probabilistic format, such as structural system safety assessment, structural condition assessment and inspection schedule optimize, extreme event design and management, etc., which seem very theoretical, and different to understand and used for real practices. In this paper, some researches of risk assessment and management for some major bridges in China will be introduced. These practices come from design, construction and also operation stages of real bridge projects. A basic process is established as framework, and difference risk assessment methods is developed, with considering the characteristics of the problems. Engineer experiences, management requirements, structural analysis results are integrated together from risk identificition to finial decision. Achievements of these researches usually are very practical and easy to be used in real practice. These researches are very valuable for bridging the gap between theory and practical of bridge risk assessment.


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