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Jean Francois Klein – Michel Virlogeux, France

AUGUST 13, 2014 – 11:20-12:20 HALL 1

Conceptual Design of the Third Bosphorus Bridge

The third Bosphorus bridge is for sure one of the most challenging bridge design and construction of the decade to come. Overcrossing the beautiful scenery of the Bosphorus, it can be considered as the future of transportation and commerce for Turkey, linking Europe and Asia. It will also be a masterpiece of architectural engineering cutted pout to become one of the major symbol of Istanbul and of modern Turkey.

With a main span of 1’408 m, the bridge will be a breakdown record for the world longest span for railway bridges. Carrying 8 lanes of motorway and 2 lanes of railway on a single level deck, it will also be one of the widest deck with its 60 m of width. Apart from having the tallest concrete pylon in the world, the bridge will also be a modern application of a combined cable system between a

traditional suspension system for the central part of the main span and a cable stayed system for the 500 m adjacent to each tower.

The bridge concept is therefore called high rigidity suspension bridge due to the extreme high stiffness provided by its conceptual design, able to resist very high wind loading and all seismic actions. This good behaviour is essential to operate the railway system without extreme deformation and rotation at the end and along the bridge. Advanced technology is considered for all elements of

the bridge, providing each time the most efficient solution to enhance durability and ease of maintenance.

Due to its extreme short design and construction period (36 month) the structure is optimized for a most efficient construction process.


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